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Cole Vigil has arrived!

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Name: Cole Wesley Vigil

Born on: July 10th, 2018 @ 9:41am

Weight: 7lbs 10oz

Height: 20.5in

Color of Eyes: Brown

Color of Hair: Black

Favorite Parent: Both...duh!

Fun Facts to check with the baby (for science of course):

  • 85% of newborns prefer to turn their head right when sleeping....true.
  • They can scare themselves......true.
  • Their first poop doesn't stink....sort of true, it smelled but not as horribly bad as you would think.
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Cole now weighs 7 lbs 6.5 oz! He has officially gained 5 ounces since Wednesday - we are thrilled! All of the waking him up to feed is paying off. He is also still a hit with all the nurses who just love all of his hair. Cole also let us get a whole 5 hours of sleep last night. Not all at once - but it was still wonderful!


A lounging day with family. Trying to gain weight and catch some sleep. In between washing bottles, laundry, bath time, showers, and trying not to ignore our dogs too much.


Happy one week Birthday to Cole! Cole ended up going to see the pediatrician today. He was quite lethargic and having a hard time eating. Although Cole didn't lose any weight, he didn't gain any either. The good news is that by the time our appointment was done he was eating nearly double. His energy level also tripled!


Cole's checkup went well today. His jaundice is subsiding and the doctors concern for him is lessening. Blood work show that his liver is kicking in so his yellow eyes and skin tint should gradually start to fade. Cole is also back in the 7 lb club. Although progress is slow, his weight is finally going up after a long standstill. On top of all this good news, we get a reprieve from doctor visits until Friday. So we can focus on more fun topics such as the classic game of 'Guess the gas, which end will make the sound next?'.


Doctors visit went okay. Cole gets another checkup tomorrow to monitor his weight since it hasn't moved. The good news is that he went on a cluster feed all last night so hopefully we will have good news to report tomorrow. Still need to monitor the jaundice since his levels haven't moved one way or another...either but his color is getting better.

We took a look at our Fitbit data and we are averaging about 3 hours of sleep per day. Sleep is over rated anyways.


Our own bed is so much better. We finally got more than a hour sleep. Today the doctors are coming to our home to go over some things and do bloodwork. Hope all goes well. Cole is bringing his head up and trying to sleep on his side already too.


We are starting to find our groove. After a very busy and chaotic morning we were finally discharged and was able to bring Cole home!


Last night was definitely exhausting ... it was like a good old fashioned night of studying before a college exam. The bad news was that Cole has been diagnosed with jaundice and has lost some weight. He is currently at 6 lbs 15 oz which we will monitor. Long rough night/day but we are getting through it.


What a busy day ... family, doctors, and little Cole oh boy! We were warned that tonight is going to be brutal, most babies will want non-stop cluster feeding so we will need to stay on top of it. Hopefully it's not too bad.


Welcome to our family and the world Cole Wesley Vigil! After a day delay, a bet between doctors, and a sleepless night waiting for surgery our little hero takes the stage.


Cindy is heading to surgery! Looks like today's the day for little baby Vigil!!!